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Five Things Julia Child Taught Me About Being a Good Creative

Anyone who knows me knows that Julia Child is one of my heroes. Growing up, every Saturday afternoon I would tune into PBS and watch her show. Julia taught me everything about cooking (sorry mom!) basic knife skills, the importance of good ingredients, and cooking techniques that set me on my culinary journey. As I got older and learned more bout Julia Child I realized the enormity of what she accomplished and what a trailblazer she truly was. During a time when most people were eating frozen TV dinners Julia said, you can do better than that and I’ll show you how! Her show brought recipes to life in an approachable way that made any home cook feel like they could produce a fine French dinner. Her shows weren’t perfectly choreographed, she made mistakes at least a few times each show, and maybe most importantly she was always unabashedly herself. I could go on and on about why her cooking shows were so amazing, but outside of the kitchen Julia Child taught me many lessons on how to be a good creative - things I still frequently think about both as an Artist and a UX Designer.

1. The basics. Take time to learn and refine the basics. This foundation will set you up for success in the long run.

2. Enjoy the process. Don’t just focus on the final result, there is joy in the process of creating and it should be celebrated.

3. Improvise. Things will not always workout the way you planned, and that is OK! Remember those basic skills at the beginning? Use that knowledge to pivot and create something even better than what you originally set out to make.

4. Share your knowledge. Help others grow by offering to share what you have learned through your own experiences. Your willingness to help them in this way may be more powerful than you know.

5. Be Bold. Take risks and don’t second guess your decisions. You’ve got this!

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